Dream Sweet
Marcy Russ & Steven Gores


This track is from 2007, written with vocalist/flute player Marcy Russ. We went by the name Dream Sweet and have a couple CDs available on CDbaby and The Orchard. This track never got released. Improvisation was our thing...

Steven Gores


I actually wrote this piece a few years ago and finally got to recording it in 2015.

Ghosts Of Little Bighorn

by Steven Gores

Released 10/10/2015
Premiere Music
Released 10/10/2015
Premiere Music
A haunting, reflective collection.

Music Samples

New CD available Oct. 2, 2015

  • 05/06/2017
    Lakeside on Hauser - Helena, MT

Lincoln MT, Oct 3, 2015 Concert

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Lincoln MT Concert



Had a great night in Lincoln MT. playing in the Teepee burner.

I'm grateful for the appreciative audience.