Working on a new studio/live project with 2 very talented musicians...Chico Chavez (percussion) and Steve Yeager(vibes, keys, percussion and ?). An exciting mix of Jazzy, Bluesy, New Agey and Chill stylings.....(and who knows what just yet). We are currently working on some studio recordings and will be performing in the coming months. Steve and Chico are exciting, gifted players, it is an honor to work with them. Look for new music samples later this summer!

Music Samples

New CD available Oct. 2, 2015

  • 07/08/2017
    Norris Hot Springs Water of the Gods - Norris, MT

Lincoln MT, Oct 3, 2015 Concert

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Lincoln MT Concert



Had a great night in Lincoln MT. playing in the Teepee burner.

I'm grateful for the appreciative audience.