Steven Gores releases haunting new album about Little Bighorn
(Published: February 20, 2016)

Steven Gores illustrates Custer's Last Stand through the power of his hands on Ghosts of Little Bighorn. A dim, elusive memory to others, Gores has lucidly interpreted the specters of the past. 

The haunting history is superbly executed through redolent, stirring instrumentals. There isn't much about this spellbinding collection that isn't extremely engrossing. Every revolutionary moment unfailingly leads to ingenuity such as the production of beautiful pieces. The idea of armed engagement and its aftermath, which probably is among the darkest of days, has engendered nightmares to many but Gores has warmly twisted these upsetting, terrifying dreams into an awakening.

Gores' arrangements reverberate the horror initiated by dauntless spirits and the chivalry of men. Bursting with enervated soul, "Gray Day" paints an audible reality with quick alternations of tempo, staccato marches to legato espressivo passages. The track makes the listener emotionally unhinged, yearning, and then profoundly melancholic. It genuinely captures dented, throbbing hearts with Gores' quality piano tone and finger velocity.

How grief has dreadfully affected those who had lost their most cherished is stroked by the lingering mourning in "Eclipse." As the track unwraps with its scuffling syncopated accentuation, the anticipation is instantaneously obscured by the sorrowful notes that deliberately give justice to its title.

Ghosts is a vivid, thrilling tale of gallantry and tragedy.

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