Steven Gores creates instrumental compositions using keyboard and piano. He is a pioneer in the use of synthesizers to create percussions that weave through his jazz-classical genre. He has worked with numerous gifted musicians in Montana.  His style is unique and he encourages other musical talents to join him in creating fresh sounds.  For Steve, music is organic. It is born of innovation and shared creation.  He is a tremendous supporter of other musicians and visual artists.  



                                                              Composer/pianist originally from Minnesota now calls Montana home.


                                                                     The plains of Northeastern Montana, 2015


 Nature as an inspiration for art and music composition is a common, yet individual experience:

In a single moment of any season

the thrash of spring thaw frees the frozen waters on the northern shores of Lake Superior

a summer blackbird finds a solace grasping a single bloom in an endless golden field of rye

an autumn leaf revels in a transformation of  vibrant orange, yellow and green

a boiling cauldron of a thermal hotsprings brings warm relief to a wintering buffalo.

Urban images also may transform a human notion: peace, poverty,wealth, survival.

Creation is everywhere. 

Listen, relax, enjoy.


The North Shore, Lake Superior, Minnesota.

           Blackfoot Pathways Sculpture Park, Lincoln, MT.